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I am starting to use the Laravel framework, and I have a problem with the fluent query builder. In a where condition, if I am using raw values or Input::get(), it retrieves the results and executes correctly, but when I use an assigned variable it shows "Undefined variable" errors.

$properties = Listing::where(function($query)
    if (Input::has('property-type')) $query->where('property_type', '=',Input::get('property-type'));

it works correctly, but if I do

$properties = Listing::where(function($query)
    if ($pt!='') $query->where('property_type', '=',$pt);

it returns the error

Undefined variable: pt

If I print the variable "$pt" it contains the value.

I want to use only the variable values, because I should pass these value from the controller to the model as parameters, and build the query in the model function. Am I doing something wrong? Is the variable not assigned before the query execution? Please, can anyone help me to resolve this?

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The reason you are struggling with the variable is because it's outside of the anonymous function's scope.

I wouldn't worry about passing variables to the models to construct the query, simply use the awesome Input class methods.

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thank you for you reply.. yes. it is just enough to use only the "Input" class method. but i used PHP's "use" function to resolve this problem. like Listing::where(function($query) use($pt){..}) –  viji Jan 25 '13 at 5:28

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