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Im trying to make a web site like this.


And im quite new on making html - jquery - php complex websites... Im used to as3 but i have to do this html.

Can you help to figure out how it works in general terms?

I looked into source codes and saw they when you click button, loader div appends and content loades in it and slide transition happens. Which one Jquery or css3 transition should i use for it? And how can i load content like this? Ajax may be?

Thanks for guiding


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I think if you are using jQuery you will be fine.

It offers enough features to accomplish a website like the one you mentioned.

You can load content via ajax as you mentioned which is included in jQuery:

jQuery .ajax() Documentation

jQuery .ajax()

All the fancy "sliding" stuff is also done with jQuery:

jQuery slideDown

jQuery slideUp

jquery Show&Hide Effect

When it comes to sliding & hiding in different directions, you could take a look at the effect slide. Which you can tell to slide in from the left, hide to the right, slide in from up and hide from up.

Go take a look at it, nobody will provide you the solution to the website you like to create, come back with a problem or a piece of code and everybody will be pleased to help you, but SO is no code factory or whatsoever, if you would like to have something like this contact a freelancer.

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This is very helpful. Thank you very much. I will focus on these. –  ydmozz Nov 6 '12 at 15:59

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