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Say I have an array like this:

array(2) {
  [0]=> array(2) {
    ["n"]=> string(4) "john"
    ["l"]=> string(3) "red"
  [1]=> array(2) {
    ["n"]=> string(5) "nicel"
    ["l"]=> string(4) "blue"

How would I change the keys of the inside arrays? Say, I want to change "n" for "name" and "l" for "last_name". Taking into account that it can happen than an array doesn't have a particular key.

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Look at this:… – Buksy Nov 5 '12 at 13:48
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Using array_walk

array_walk($array, function (& $item) {
   $item['new_key'] = $item['old_key'];
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Something like this maybe:

if (isset($array['n'])) {
    $array['name'] = $array['n'];

NOTE: this solution will change the order of the keys. To preserve the order, you'd have to recreate the array.

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I can see this working inside the foreach, but once outside it seems the values are still the old ones. I guess I needed to add "&". – Hommer Smith Nov 5 '12 at 13:57

You could have:

  1. an array that maps the key exchange (to make the process parametrizable)
  2. a loop the processes the original array, accessing to every array item by reference


$array = array( array('n'=>'john','l'=>'red'), array('n'=>'nicel','l'=>'blue') );

$mapKeyArray = array('n'=>'name','l'=>'last_name');

foreach( $array as &$item )
    foreach( $mapKeyArray as $key => $replace )
        if (key_exists($key,$item))
            $item[$replace] = $item[$key];

In such a way, you can have other replacements simply adding a couple key/value to the $mapKeyArray variable.

This solution also works if some key is not available in the original array

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Just make a note of the old value, use unset to remove it from the array then add it with the new key and the old value pair.

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You could use the array_flip function:

$original = array('n'=>'john','l'=>'red');
$flipped = array_flip($original);
foreach($flipped as $k => $v){
    $flipped[$k] = ($v === 'n' ? 'name' : ($v === 'l' ? 'last_name' : $v));
$correctedOriginal = array_flip($flipped);
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