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How to disable popup menu items like Select, Select All, Suggest..., Define (on UIWebView)?

I have found the following information on the help but don't understand how to use it:

For the editing menu commands, this is the shared UIApplication object. Depending on the context, you can query the sender for information to help you determine whether a command should be enabled.

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Swizzle the following method:

#import "NSObject+myCanPerformAction.h"

@implementation NSObject (myCanPerformAction)

- (BOOL)myCanPerformAction:(SEL)action withSender:(id)sender {
    if (action == @selector(copy:)) {
        return [self myCanPerformAction:action withSender:sender]; // not a recursion
    if (action == @selector(paste:)) {
        return [self myCanPerformAction:action withSender:sender]; // not a recursion
    return NO;



[[UIWebDocumentView class] jr_swizzleMethod:@selector(canPerformAction:withSender:) withMethod:@selector(myCanPerformAction:withSender:) error:nil];
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It really works for all copy,paste,etc. but still in pop up, it's showing "replace" action .Now how to hide that one. –  Sweeta Jan 17 at 7:53

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