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I´ve written a supporting-solution for a little internet service provider using gwt 2.4. It analyzes a few parameters of customers cable modems (receiving/sending - signal strengthes, frequencies and so on). This time, it works only reactive after a support agent clicked the analyze button for a modem in the application. The application is hosted at a tomcat 7 application server.

Now to my question: I want to record the modem-parameters of every modem of our infrastructure to a database automated once a day - maybe at night.

Where should I place the code in my gwt application? Or did I need a sperate project for doing that? Or better: where I have to start? :-)

I would be thankful if anyone have an answer for me!

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The easiest way would be to include all the monitoring and recording code in a plain Java servlet. You can deploy this servlet with your GWT app in tomcat.

You can then set up a cron job to call the servlet's url. Check out the curl command.

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Hi,Thanks for the tipp, i will try it :-) –  user1800332 Nov 6 '12 at 11:58

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