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I have a set of xml files that I want to parse the data of and import in to a sql server 2012 database. The provided xml files will be validated against a schema.

I am looking as to what is the best method of doing this is. I have found this:

I am wondering if this is the best way or if there are others?

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You could use the ssis xml file connection in a data flow – ejlepoud Aug 29 '13 at 4:22

You have several options:

  1. SSIS XML Source. This does not validate against the schema. If you want to detect and properly handle invalid XML files, create a script task to validate the schema in C#.

  2. Parse the XML in a stored procedure.

    • Insert the entire XML file in one column. Depending on your schema validation requirements, you can use an untyped or typed XML column. (Or both)
    • Parse the XML using XPath functions. This is actually very fast.
    INSERT INTO SomeTable (Column1, Column2, Column3)
    FROM YourXmlTable
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