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I am trying to recover a database created in PostGIS and hosted here (under resources):


I am able to download the file and open it as a text file but I do not know the file type extension which I should use to import this file into MySQL or view it in a meaningful way. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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It's a PostgreSQL archive file created by pg_dump, which doesn't necessarily have any particular file type extension. Use pg_restore to restore the file to a PostreSQL database. You will need to install PostgreSQL and PostGIS, if you haven't already done.

First create an empty database:


Then connect to this database, and spatially enable it (requires PostGIS to be installed):


Now from the system console, restore the file to the database:

pg_restore -U postgres -O -d altartlas altartlas_db

Realistically, it would probably be simpler to request the original author for the data in a simpler format (CSV, Shapefile, etc.)

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Hello, yes it would be simpler to request the original data but the author does not have it anymore, just this file. I tried following what you said but it still did not work. It says that "Geometry Columns is not a table". The original author said that that might be a "view" instead of a "table" but did not know how to work around it. Do you have any ideas? Thanks. –  Mike Stumpf Nov 8 '12 at 14:05
For PostGIS 2.0 geometry_columns was changed from a table to a view, but this shouldn't matter, and that error can be ignored. Use pgAdmin III to see the tables and the data in the geometry_columns view. –  Mike T Nov 8 '12 at 19:47

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