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I would like to configure BizTalk 2010 with a SharePoint Server 2010 that is being run on another machine. This should be possible, but I have found no proper documentation about how to do it. The BizTalk machine is running its own SharePoint and its BizTalk integration works out well. What do I have to install on the remote SharePoint machine to enable the communication?

Microsoft provides instructions for doing this (see Multiserver deployment), but they do not answer my question. OK, I have to set the correct user permissions, but how about software?

 Machine A                            Machine B
 ----------------------------         ------------------------
| BizTalk 2010               |       | SharePoint Server 2010 |
| SharePoint adapter feature | <---> | ???                    |
 ----------------------------         ------------------------

Do I have to:

  1. Install the SharePoint Adapter feature on the SharePoint machine
    • This requires BizTalk AFAIK
  2. Configure the adapter feature on the BizTalk server to use the remote SharePoint site
  3. Do something else

Of course, I could use the SOAP adapter but that would be a lot of work.

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