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I am attempting to use an RSS feed from Twitter (the ones that will be gone a year from now) with Feedburner but a line of code in the xml is causing a parsing error in feedburner. I think it's


I am looking for a way to give this information to feedburner in a way that it likes: namely php including the contents of the RSS xml page in an xml on my own site (with the offending string removed). Including the xml contents is a piece of cake - all I need is a piece of code to say iff string fragment == xmlns:twitter="" then string frament = "".

Anybody any idea of the syntax for this?

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You can try with str_replace:

str_replace('xmlns:twitter=""', '', $string);

Also, you can try to urlencode

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Alternatively, you could use preg_replace function:

$string = 'string to be searched';
$pattern = 'a particular pattern';
$replacement = ''; //deletion
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $string);
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Why not use string replace maybe?

str_replace(find, "replace", "from this string");
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Along the lines of $deletethis = 'xmlns:twitter=""';; $cleanedxml = str_replace($deletethis, "", $twitterrss); ? How would I go about assigning the contents of the rss to a variable though... some algorithm of incorporating it to the array $twitterrss ...? – Stumbler Nov 5 '12 at 14:35

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