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I have seen several great solutions on this forum to convert to UTF-8 without BOM. I need to be able to convert a series of files as such using powershell or something similar recursively.

If I take a UTF-8 document and convert it to UTF-8 the characters are being double encoded. Is there a way to prevent this behavior or detect if the file is already UTF-8 without BOM?

foreach($i in ls -recurse -filter "*.*") {
    if (
        $i.Extension.ToLower() -eq ".html" -or 
        $i.Extension.ToLower() -eq ".htm" -or 
        $i.Extension.ToLower() -eq ".php" -or 
        $i.Extension.ToLower() -eq ".txt"
    ) {
        $MyFile = Get-Content $i.fullname 
        [System.IO.File]::WriteAllLines($i.fullname, $MyFile)
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You can supply an encoding to Get-Content:

Get-Content $i.FullName -Encoding UTF8
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What if I do not know the encoding. We may have a handful of files already encoded as UTF-8. The majority for the first pass will be ANSI (Windows). –  Davin Nov 5 '12 at 14:49

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