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I have written a code Which tries to store the last login time for a user using perl Script and store it in a hash using dbmopen but it doesnot fetch me the updated login time :- My code goes as follows :-

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use DB_File;
use Time::localtime;
%last_good =();
%words = () ;
print " What is your name ? \n";
 print "Hi $name , please Enter your secret password: \n" ;
 $passwd = <STDIN>;
 while(! good_password($name,$passwd))
  print " Wrong Password , Please Try Again : \n";
print "assigning the last login time \n ";
dbmopen (%last_good,"lastdb",0777) || die "can't dbmopen lastdb: $!";
$last_good{$name} = localtime;   // update last login time if password correct
dbmclose (%last_good) || die "can't dbmclose lastdb: $!";
print "the last login time for :  $name is $last_good{$name} ";

sub init_words
 open(WORDLIST,"password.txt") || die " Can not Read the password.txt : $! \n";
 while(defined ($name = <WORDLIST>))
  $name =~ s/\W.*// ;
  $name =~ tr /A-Z/a-z/ ;
  if(! defined $last_good{$name} )
    dbmopen (%last_good,"lastdb",0777) || die "can't dbmopen lastdb: $!";
    $last_good{$name} = localtime;   // update login time for 1st login
    dbmclose (%last_good) || die "can't dbmclose lastdb: $!"; 
 close(WORDLIST) || die " Could not close the file : $! \n ";

what I am trying to do is update or put in database the 1st login time if its not their using if(! defined $last_good{$name} ) and then in case its already defined when second time I run the prog I want it toread from database and not try and again create the same again. But when I try and print $last_good{$name} = localtime; after first assignment it doesnt print the login localtime but it says it to be undefined.

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Is good_password also making $name lowercase? Also, I don't understand what you try to accomplish with $name =~ s/\W.*//. Try to dump %last_good with something like Data::Dumper to verify that it looks like you expect. –  ElPaco Nov 5 '12 at 15:45

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I think it's just that you're calling dbmclose before trying to print the value. So of course the hash is untied.

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