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We're using knockout for a SPA consisting of multiple view models, to handle what view be visible we have wrapped the divs where we bind the 'sub' view models in with bindings.

The problem we're seeing is that when a views visibility is toggled, the Custom bindings inside it are executed, both init & update, every time.

This causes a problem for us when we have a binding based on this jqdialog binding and on each init a new dialog is created and appended to our DOM but we have no simple way of knowing when it should be removed.

More or less it's a question about if we should rearrange this part of our arcitecture or if something is missing in our binding.

Simple view:

<div id="view">
  <button data-bind="click: on">On</button>
  <button data-bind="click: off">Off</button>

  <div data-bind="with: visible">
    <span data-bind="foo: ''">foo</span>


Js: {
  init: function() {
  update: function() {

var vm =(function() {
  var self = this;
  self.visible = ko.observable(false);

  self.on = function() { self.visible(true); }; function() {self.visible(false); };


ko.applyBindings(vm, document.getElementById("view"));

A small fiddle roughly showing our error.

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You fiddle seems to be missing the actual part you are asking about! I updated it here – Matt Burland Nov 5 '12 at 15:12

Your problem is that you are not toggling the visibility. When you use with you are removing and reinserting the same elements into the DOM each time. This, of course, causes the binding to be recreated and the init function to fire again.

If you just want to hide/show, use the visible binding instead.

So if you do this:

<div data-bind="visible: visible">
    <span data-bind="foo: ''">foo</span>

You'll see you binding initializes when the page loads and doesn't get initialized again as you show/hide. See here.

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Yes, we're using with instead of visible to keep the size of our dom smaller – Fredrik Leijon Nov 5 '12 at 17:27
@FredrikLeijon: Then I'm not sure there's a way around it. If you are recreating parts of the DOM, then you have to recreate the bindings. – Matt Burland Nov 6 '12 at 14:57

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