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I have just installed VS 2005. I created a project. I added code to the project and then debugged the code. The program ran ok. I save the project. Everything saves fine. I go to open the project and the text editor is blank, or so it appears. After further investigation I notice that the code is there but I just can't see it. I debug and the program runs but no code can be seen. Strange. What is additonally weird, is I have installed the python idle and it to is blank, no code to be seen. However, the code is in there because I can run the code. I have adjusted just about every display property in VS as well as the os display props. I am using a Dell Latitude M60 Laptop, w/ windows xp professional, sp2, intel pentium M, 2 Ghz, 1gb ram. What do you think? Any body have this happen to them?

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Could it be.. Right_Mouse+Click on the file in the Solution Explorer and chose "View Code"?

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sometimes windows needs a restart :-)

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Whenever I've had a problem with text display in the Visual Studio IDE (such as forgetting fonts/colours), restarting Windows cleared it right up. –  ravuya Aug 24 '09 at 16:53

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