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I am going to be responsible for implementing TeamCity into our development environment pretty soon. I have searched around and see no real answers, does anyone know if there is a 'best practice' when it comes to a build server. Is it Ok to install TeamCity on the same server as TFS, is it preferred? Or should I install it onto a dedicated server (which I can do).


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I would think that Microsoft's own advice about TFS would also be relevant here:

You can host a build server on the same computer as your Team Foundation Application-Tier Server, but, in most of these situations, this build server should not host any build agents. Build agents place heavy demands on the processor, which could significantly decrease the performance of your application tier. In addition, you might want to avoid running any build server components on the application tier because installing Team Foundation Build Service increases the attack surface on the computer.

So, you might see unnecessary slow downs on other operations like version control, work item tracking, etc.

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I think that's a good enough reason to warrant it's own server. Thanks for your help –  Suited Aces Nov 6 '12 at 8:53

Install it on its own server, you don't want it grinding tfs to a halt when it is performing a build.

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You could install the Teamcity server on the tfs server but if you can a separate machine, but as its the agents that do the work it those that definitely need to be on a different machine from teamcity and tfs if possible.

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