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  • I'm using the dependency-injection component as a stand-alone component. No bundles/symfony-framework and stuff.
  • I have a set of services all being responsible for similar things, e.g. for writing data to the hard disk by different ways (e.g. by ftp, direct file operations, storing into a db, ...)
  • Each of these services requires different configuration (e.g. sql credentials, ftp credentials, ...)
  • I want to define one of these services as the "general service to use" for other services to have a dependency on.
  • Which service to use is configured by a parameter


Given these simplified parameter and service definitions:

<parameter key="file.adapterType">direct</parameter>
<service id="file.db" />
<service id="file.ftp" />
<service id="" />

I'd like to define an alias to the service I actually want to use

<service id="file.adapter" alias="file.%file.adapterType%"/>

for other services simply relying on this service:

<service id="photos">
    <argument type="service" id="file.adapter" />

What I have tried so far:

  • Defining an alias with an parameter in it's alias-id. However the parameter within the alias-id does not get resolved.
  • Defining the id directly within the argument-tag - again the parameter is not resolved her:

    <service id="photo">
        <argument type="service" id="file.%file.adapterType%" />
  • Creating a factory. The get-method receives the parameter and the di-container and returns the corresponding service:

    public function get(ContainerInterface $container, $parameter) 
        return $container->get('file.' . $parameter);

    However the container does not register itself as a service. Registering it beforehand does not take affect when loading the configuration from a file (resulting in an error message "service 'container' not found"):

    $container->set("container", $container);
    $loader = new XmlFileLoader($container, new FileLocator(__DIR__ . '/services'));
    $loader->load('fileadapter.xml'); // << gives error
    $container->get("container"); // << working

Other alternatives?

I can't set the alias after loading the configuration file as there are services within the file that have a dependency on the alias.

Anyone got other ideas on how to handle this?

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Actually, I believe you were on the right track with the third bullet point in the "What I've tried so far" section, except that the service container does register itself as a service, but it's called service_container, not container.

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Yes that did the trick :) – Fge Nov 12 '12 at 16:03

If I understand your problem correctly you can move file.* services to a file and the services that uses file.adapter to another file and create the file.adapter alias while create the alias in-between loading the files. For example

$loader = new XmlFileLoader($container, new FileLocator(__DIR__ . '/services'));

$defaultAdapterId = "file." . $container->getParameter('file.adapterType');
if($container->hasDefinition($defaultAdapterId)) {
    $container->setAlias('file.adapter', $defaultAdapterId);

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