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Have two questions.

  1. Make the search filter form non modal.

  2. Allow searching by pressing enter key instead of having to press the Find button. thanks.

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I'm also looking to make search filter non modal, to have a an api that you can execute and filter data – Sergey Dec 18 '09 at 2:39
Did you ever find a solution to this? non modal search window? The integrated search is less then ideal! The edit form seems ok as you can do edittype:"checkbox",editoptions:{value:"Yes:No",defaultValue:"Yes"} but there does not seem to be the same support for searching. Maybe some way you can hiJack their post/gets and add your own paramaters? – Daveo Mar 12 '10 at 4:37
Sounds like a feature request to me - perhaps you should be asking this of the jqgrid programmers? – Benubird Dec 8 '10 at 11:55


Your question seems to be more of a statement, but if you're looking for various options for jqgrid, take a look at:

New in Version 3.5 > Integrated Search Toolbar

This allows you to interactively search and it respects the Enter key.

However, you lose operators... but I suppose you could modify the code that's given to add something similar back in (or bundle your operator in with the, user enters "> 400" rather than "400", but this poses security risks)

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