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I have been evaluating a performance tool named WAPT Pro for my team and we are interested in independent reviews or testimonials on its effectiveness. A google search didn't turn up anything which was a little worrying and the company itself was not able to supply us with this information.

I saw that someone else had asked a similar question about a year ago but did not get any relevant replies. I am hoping by asking the question again, there may be more users of the product who can share their thoughts.

Does anyone on this list have any experience (good or bad) with WAPT Pro that they would be willing to share with me? It would help us greatly in deciding whether we want to go ahead and purchase this tool for our team.

I appreciate your time.

Thanks and regards.

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Nice tool, easy to use and descriptive graphs also supports http/https, silverlight, ajax, flash, asp.net but bad thing is replay log cannot export in excel for processing. Viewing test result log is time consuming process.

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I have also used this tool in my company. My experience says that its a good test tool. Helps you find out max load your system can sustain and hence make changes in your application for increasing the threshold. In addition to to WAPT, you might use JProfiler to find where the system gets stuck.

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I have been undertaking a whirlwind examination of JMeter, LoadComplete, Webload, and Neoload, and chanced on WAPT. I'm looking for the best out of the box experience for application support teams to use with minimal training that still provides distributed load generation, parameterization, accurate session recording, and intelligible graphs. In less than an hour WAPT hit all the bases. Far and away this has addressed my core requirements. Our needs are very modest in comparison to what is offered by the likes of Loadrunner, but within our boundaries I'd consider WAPT to be a leader. None of the other tools gave this fast a time from initial session recording to running test.

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