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I know a simple way for correct displaying of localized chars on Cmd.exe. But how can I do same for Powershell.exe?


using namespace std;
int main()

    // valid output in cmd.exe, 
    // but invalid output in powershell.exe
    cout << "Привет мир (1)!" << endl; 

    // invalid output in both variants: cmd.exe, 
    // and powershell.exe
    wcout << L"Привет мир (2)!" << endl; 

    return 0;
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What is the output? Is your font supporting those glyphs?

perhaps the following link may be useful (about cmd.exe):

You could also try to redirect output from powershell to a file and check that. If the file is correct, you have a console-font not supporting your characters.

there is also a blog from ms, showing how to customize the font (about ps)

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I think that's there's a shortcut to enable proper wcout handling in Windows. Try to add that as a first line to your main:

_setmode(_fileno(stdout), _O_U16TEXT);

After that wcout << L"Привет мир (2)!" << endl; will work like a charm independently of current locale and single-byte encoding chosen by user (as it should).

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