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I feel like an idiot but I really cannot figure this out.

I'm using John Long's Sass Twitter Bootstrap conversion of the regular Twitter Bootstrap items. Located here on GitHub

Whenever I compile it I get the following error:

    error sass/bootstrap.scss (Line 246 of sass/bootstrap/_mixins.scss: Invalid
CSS after "...-shadow($shadow": expected ")", was "...) { ")
Sass::SyntaxError on line ["246"] of C: Invalid CSS after "...-shadow($shadow":
expected ")", was "...) { "

Here is the syntax that it complains about:

// Drop shadows
@mixin box-shadow($shadow...) { 
  -webkit-box-shadow: $shadow;
     -moz-box-shadow: $shadow;
          box-shadow: $shadow;

I've never seen that syntax before with the ellipsis on a mixin.

My question is how do I fix this error. It's clearly a problem I have.

I'm using Compass v0.12.2

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If you aren't too invested in using that particular version of SASS bootstrap, there is another version I use that I've never had issues compiling. Github link here –  Darrrrrren Nov 5 '12 at 15:57
@Darrrrrren The reason I with with jLong's is that it is very active and I usually dont have to wait long to update (no pun intended) :) –  Mike Fielden Nov 5 '12 at 16:00

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That is the syntax for variable arguments:

You will need to upgrade Sass, since it is a new feature of 3.2x.

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You are correct! I updated Compass and not Sass.. oops :) Thanks though –  Mike Fielden Nov 5 '12 at 17:35
There is a question on how to update:… –  Édouard Lopez Apr 6 '13 at 9:41

Look like you have to update sass gem , try this line (I'm assuming you have gem installed)

 gem update sass
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