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I've been looking and I've seen a few how-tos but I find them to be somewhat confusing.

Does anyone have a good tutorial or step by step writeup that's easy to follow for a newbie



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If you're just looking to run your application under IIS, setting up a virtual directory is pretty straightforward. If you're looking to test publish a build, the web deployment project is the way to go (you can do it from the command line and in VS.Net, it enables a "Publish" right-click option).

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In Visual Studio, go on project properties > tab web and check "Use Local IIS Web Server". Then, they will ask you to if you want to create the virtual directory, ask yes and create a IIS virtual directory, when you run your application, they will run on IIS.

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vouala. funny :-) – ChadD Jun 8 '11 at 4:46

A good place to start would be looking into web deployment projects.

This link is for VS2008, but they also exist for VS2005

VS2008 Web Deployment Project

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You can publish your web app to an iis website. Click on Build > Publish Web app and select to publish to Local IIS website. Job done.

For a local development environment this is fine but if you want to deploy to a test or staging server than look at another solution such as the Web Deployment project or use nant or msbuild.

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