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Suppose I have a csv file with 400 columns. I cannot load the entire file into a DataFrame (won't fit in memory). However, I only really want 50 columns, and this will fit in memory. I don't see any built in Pandas way to do this. What do you suggest? I'm open to using the PyTables interface, or pandas.io.sql.

The best-case scenario would be a function like: pandas.read_csv(...., columns=['name', 'age',...,'income']). I.e. we pass a list of column names (or numbers) that will be loaded.

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There's no default way to do this right now. I would suggest chunking the file and iterating over it and discarding the columns you don't want. So something like pd.concat([x.ix[:, cols_to_keep] for x in pd.read_csv(..., chunksize=200)])

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Ian, I implemented a usecols option which does exactly what you describe. It will be in upcoming pandas 0.10; development version will be available soon.

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Thanks Wes! is the 0.10 version due to be released soon? I see the pandas page mentions coming sometime in Dec 12. –  nom-mon-ir Nov 30 '12 at 22:49
this kind of work is awesome, thanks –  Mermoz Feb 11 '13 at 11:55

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