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I have a question to UINavigationControllers. I am not sure how to express what I am trying to do, so I'll just give it a shot. :) I have a working UINavigationController hierarchy. It works fine.

I however have a situation where the "pushed" ViewController class is not to display anything itself, but instead to determine which child ViewController to "forward" the push to.

MasterVC -> DeciderVC -> forwards to fooVC
or                    -> forwards to barVC

I want to basically redirect the [self.navigationController pushViewController:DeciderVC animated:NO] using the logic to either [self.navigationController pushViewController:fooVC animated:NO] or barVC

The I could hardcode it into the MasterVC, but the point is that I want to reuse DeciderVC with different scenarios, while keeping MasterVC, fooVC and barVC untouched. How do I best go about doing this?


EDIT: A small clarification on the workflow: MasterVC displays a few possible function-sets. If the user selects function-set A, then DeciderObjectA gets called and in-turn pushes fooVC, records the data, then pushes barVC, collects the data and then pushes barVC again and collects the data. Afterwards DeciderObjectA processes that data. If the user selects function-set B, the DeciderObjectB gets called and in-turn pushes barVC first followed by fooVC and then processes the data.
The DeciderObjects respond differently to the same delegate methods declared in @protocol in both fooVC and barVC.

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If your DeciderViewController is not displaying anything, why does it has to be an UIViewController? In my eyes a simple NSObject which checks a strategy and decides which Controller to push next should be enough. In your terms you have code in the MasterVC that decides which one to push. (I do not understand what the benefit is of having an UIViewController in between. Please elaborate if I am missing something.)

MasterVC -> fooVC 
MasterVC -> barVC
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Good point, I agree completely. So I changed Decider to NSObject. I pass the self.navigationController from MasterVC to Decider self.parentController (instance variable) so I can access the global navigationController. I then call pushViewController:fooVC on it and it works. My problem is now that I have a delegate method defined in fooVC's protocol and it does not get called in Decider, even though it is implemented. – Joseph Nov 6 '12 at 10:18
More concretely if I send a message from within fooVC to [self.delegate someMethod] I get an unrecognized selector sent to instnance, eventhough it is implemented in Decider.m and I also set the delegate after allocating and initing fooVC – Joseph Nov 6 '12 at 10:44
Okay. I think it is better if you push your ViewController still from the MasterVC and not the DeciderObject. The DeciderObject, whether it is a new class or some inline code, just makes the decision. Pushing a ViewController should be performed within a ViewController. Then you also do not have to reset delegates and so on. And self.delegate is not nil? – Masa Nov 6 '12 at 11:08
I can't do that because I have different DeciderObjects, that all use fooVC and barVC in different orders and process the data collected in fooVC and barVC differently. The DeciderObject not only decides which VC to show but also knows how to deal with the returned data. If I were to put it all in the MasterVC, then a) it wouldn't work since the delegate methods are called the same even though the data is to be used differently and b) MasterVC would become very bloated. After creation, I set fooVC.delegate = self in the DeciderObject. – Joseph Nov 6 '12 at 11:24
Ok, I understand. It is getting difficult now for my to find the bug ;). I'll try to have some more thoughts on it. – Masa Nov 6 '12 at 11:36

Can DeciderVC simply forward everything on to foo or bar? Could you not simply instantiate the appropriate one in viewDidLoad for Decider and assign it's view to the Decider's view?


- (void) viewDidLoad:(BOOL)animated {
UIViewController *fooVC = [[FooVC alloc] init];
[self.view addSubview:fooVC.view];
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