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I have LINUX web server on local network on IP (this is Xtreamer nas server) and I want to access it through win notebook from local wifi.

I have HOST file record server.com

Note that ping server.com returns as expected

Could anybody explain why returns xtreamer configuration page as expected


server.com:8080 returns

Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Microsoft-IIS/5.0 Server at server.com Port 8080

I thought that it should returns same pages. What I dont understand is Microsoft-IIS in result when xtreamer has Linux inside.

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Either because your browser is using DNS to find the IP address of server.com and won't check the hosts file or because the web server is not configured to reply to queries with a Host of server.com.

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Xtreamer is built on Linux with Apache including ModSecurity. ModSecurity also allow to fake server signature eg.

SecServerSignature "Microsoft-IIS/5.0"

And this is what Xtreamer do.

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