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I have the following text

abc <THIS> abc <THAT> abc <WHAT> abc

where abc is a placeholder for a well defined expression. I'd like to extract the 3 terms in the brackets and save them in 3 separate variables. Is is possible to do that without parsing the text 3 times? Basically I'd like to capture and somehow "export" multiple groups.

It's clear that I can extract one of them like this:

VARIABLE=`echo $TEXT | sed "s_abc <\(.*\)> abc <.*> abc <.*> abc_\1_g"`

But is it possible to get all 3 of them without running sed 3 times?

Other (portable) solutions without sed are also welcome.

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If there are any characters that you know will not appear in THIS, THAT, or WHAT, then you can write something like this:

IFS=$'\t' read -r VAR1 VAR2 VAR3 \
    < <(sed 's/^abc <\(.*\)> abc <\(.*\)> abc <\(.*\)> abc$/\1\t\2\t\3/' \
             <<< "$TEXT"

telling sed to use that separator in its output, and read to use that separator in its input.

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This might work for you (GNU sed & bash):

line='abc <THIS> abc <THAT> abc <WHAT> abc'
var=($(sed 's/[^<]*<\([^>]*\)>[^<]*/"\1" /g' <<<"$line"))
echo "first ${var[0]} second ${var[1]} third ${var[2]}"
first "THIS" second "THAT" third "WHAT"
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What's the name of the $(foo) operator? Is that similar to `foo`? –  Jawap Nov 5 '12 at 17:49
@Jawap see here. –  potong Nov 5 '12 at 19:37

No need to spawn a process:

var='abc <THIS> abc <THAT> abc <WHAT> abc'
var1=${var#abc <}          # Remove the leading 'abc <'.
THIS="${var1%%> abc <*}"   # Remove the longest trailing '> abc <*'.
var2="${var1#*> abc <}"    # Remove the shortest leading '*> abc <'.
THAT="${var2%%> abc <*}"   # Remove the longest trailing '> abc <*'.
var3="${var2#*> abc <}"    # Remove the shortest leading '*> abc <'.
WHAT="${var3%> abc}"       # Remove the trailing '> abc'
echo "$THIS"
echo "$THAT"
echo "$WHAT"
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