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Trevor has a simple knockoutjs page with three declared ko.observable() and one declared ko.computed()


Trevor would like to remove the third declared item. The problem is, when Trevor removes it, the rendering of all subsequent declared items fails as well.


Consider the following code fragment:

<p>r1c1:    <input data-bind="value: r1c1, valueUpdate:'afterkeydown'" /></p>
<p>r1c2:    <input data-bind="value: r1c2, valueUpdate:'afterkeydown'" /></p>
<p>r1c3:    <input data-bind="value: r1c3, valueUpdate:'afterkeydown'" /></p>
<p>r1c4:    <input data-bind="value: r1c4, valueUpdate:'afterkeydown'" /></p>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var ViewModel = function(){
    var self    =   this;

    self.r1c1 = ko.observable('alpha');
    self.r1c2 = ko.observable('bravo');
    self.r1c4 = ko.observable('delta');

    // if Trevor comments out this line, it caues r1c4 to stop rendering
    // this is expected, but is there a workaround that does not require to
    // remove the data-binding to value r1c3 from the HTML body ?
    self.r1c3 = ko.computed(function(){return [self.r1c1(),self.r1c2()].join(':')});

  ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel());


Is there a way that Trevor can comment out the ko.computed() declaration for r1c3 and still leave the data-binding to r1c3 in the page body; without it breaking the subsequent data-binding to r1c4?

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One trick that Trevor can use is to reference the variable in the binding as $data.r1c3 rather than just r1c3. Referencing an undefined property of an object does not cause an error like referencing an undefined variable would.

So, Trevor would want to make his HTML look like:

<p>r1c3:    <input data-bind="value: $data.r1c3, valueUpdate:'afterkeydown'" /></p>
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Thanks RP, that makes perfect sense. –  dreftymac Nov 5 '12 at 19:27

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