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How can I add hash map element wich key contains "-".

Like this:

<%= button_to_function 'Cancel','cancelRemove("cancelEmail")', :data-dismiss=>'modal', :class=>'btn' %>

I get error undefined local variable or method `dismiss' for #

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While :'data-dismiss' works, with data attributes you can also do

:data => { :dismiss => 'modal' }

Additional data-prefixed html attributes can be included in the same hash. So for example on another link you might do:

:data => { :remote => true, :method => 'delete' }

which would add to the link the html attributes data-remote="true" data-method="delete".

While the hash syntax is less compact for a single attribute, it's nice when you've got more than one html5 data attribute. And it's arguably a bit more rails-ish.

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Just rename it to:

<%= button_to_function 'Cancel','cancelRemove("cancelEmail")', :'data-dismiss'=>'modal', :class=>'btn' %>
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