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At work we have a program that is a data entry program. This program moves files as data is being entered, so read/write permissions has to be available for this to occur. Is there a way to make a C# program run under an account that has these permissions while keeping the users' account more restrictive? I'm using VS 2010.

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You want an application on a client machine in a network/domain to run with elevated network/domain permissions without specific user action (IE: runas)? – Quintin Robinson Nov 5 '12 at 16:59

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You can use the runas utility - setup a shortcut using it.


Allows a user to run specific tools and programs with different permissions than the user's current logon provides.

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  1. You can add PrincipalPermission attribute to control permissions of a single method.
    [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Role ="Administrators")]
    static void CheckAdministrator()
    Console.WriteLine("User is an administrator");

  2. Or use Application Manifest to elevate UAC
    <requestedExecutionLevel level="requireAdministrator" uiAccess="false" />

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When using the runas utility, do you need to enter the password for the account you're trying to run the program as?

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