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I'm trying to send a http request using WS.url() with a action receive a custom class parameter like

public static void add(@Valid MyPage info) {...}

There is a Map in MyPage

public Map<String, String> content = new HashMap<String, String>();

But When I try to send a request with


The action got no parameter and request's querystring convert info.content[name] into ...%5Bname%5D... I checked the WS.createQueryString and found it will encode all key and value. Any way to avoid that?


I changed it to info.content.name, and it works

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Please state your solution as answer and mark it as resolved so that all know there is a solution for that found. –  Schleichardt Nov 5 '12 at 18:16

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I changed it to the "info.content.name" form, and it works. But still don't know how to avoid the "obj[xx]" problem.

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