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I'm sending POST request from command line (Ubuntu):

echo -n '{"prop":"value"}' | POST -c -U "application/json"

Server script outputs its $_POST:

  var_dump ($_POST);

I see in output: Content-Length: 16, but in response of server I get


Where have I mistaken?

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$_POST contains the key-value pairs of the data submitted as normal form data. Because you sent JSON data, it doesn't get parsed the same.

You need to retrieve the request body. You can either use http_get_request_body() or treat the body as a file using fopen('php://input'). Once you have read the request body, you can use json_decode() to parse it.

$x = json_decode(http_get_request_body());


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Thank you. I understood. In my case I can send key:value pairs, I don't need exact json. So echo -n 'prop=value' | POST worked in my case – Larry Cinnabar Nov 5 '12 at 18:25

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