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What is the best way to get index of clicked element of an unordered list?

Let me provide an example. Say I have the following HTML code:

<ul data-bind="foreach: listItems">
    <li data-bind="click: $parent.itemClicked">
         <p data-bind="text: title"></p>

Right now I have the following javascript code to get the index:


self.itemClicked = function(data, item) {
    var index = $(;


But the problem is the if the target element is <p> for example, I get incorrect result. So how should I get the index of the clicked <li> element? Does knockout have some method for this or I should use jquery in some way?

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You could check if the target is a <li> and if not then grab its parent. – JCOC611 Nov 5 '12 at 17:19
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I recommend using Knockout's $index context property. See example below (JsFiddle):


<!DOCTYPE html>
<ul data-bind="foreach: listItems">
    <li data-bind="click: $parent.itemClicked.bind($data, $index())">
         <p data-bind="text: title"></p>


var vmodel = {
    listItems: ko.observableArray([
        {title: "Able"},
        {title: "Baker"},
        {title: "Charlie"}]),
    itemClicked: function(index) {
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Thanks, I was using $index instead of $index() – King Julien Nov 5 '12 at 18:39

Instead of messing up your binding, it's much prettier getting the index inside the event function. You can get the binding context from the, using the ko.contextFor(element) = function (data, event) {
    var context = ko.contextFor(;
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