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Im having trouble with basic syntax. I want to use jquery to select all elements in a CSS class, then add an action when the user hovers on the item

$(".item").hover(function(){$(this).fadeTo(100, .1)});

is it possble to assign different functions to onmouseenter and onmouseleave as well? I'm having a bit of trouble locating similar code.

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With .hover(), you can pass two functions.

    function(){$(this).fadeTo(100, .1)},
    function(){$(this).fadeTo(100, 1)}

These will be assigned as mouseenter and mouseleave events.

Of course you could do it manually as well.

$(".item").mouseenter(function(){$(this).fadeTo(100, .1)})
          .mouseleave(function(){$(this).fadeTo(100, 1)});

Or you could even reuse the same function, and just test the event object.

    $(this).fadeTo(100, event.type === 'mouseenter' ? .1 : 1);
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Yes it is possible.

$(".item").hover( function(){ /* onmouseenter */ }, function(){/* onmouseleave */} );
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hover can take one or two event handlers. If one is supplied (as in your example) it's applied to both mouseenter and mouseleave events. If two are supplied, each event gets it own handler.

More information is in the documentation.

From the look of your example I assume you want to fade the element back in on mouseleave, if so try this:

    function(){ $(this).fadeTo(100, .1) },
    function(){ $(this).fadeTo(100, 1)} ); 
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