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I'm developing a mobile application which will feature an interactive map and places. I need an API from which to obtain a map based on the user's coordinates, and overlay icons and info about places of interest near them, and also allow them to map other places and see places of interest there. I will have multiple types of places with different icons. What options are available and what are the pros and cons? I was planning to do my app on Amazon Web Services, but if there is a better cloud hosting platform, feel free to point that out as well.


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Why not use the Google Maps API? Especially if you are developing for an Android application, I've found their API to be very versatile and easy to implement. I believe all you have to do for them is place the "powered by Google" logo somewhere visibly on your main screen.

You can sign up for the API here, and in moving forward, the documentation on the site is very self-explanatory.

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I may do that. Just looking at all the options. –  Joshiatto Nov 5 '12 at 17:35

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