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I want to traverse through the sibling nodes in javascript. I use the document.getElementById and I want to check if its sibling has any text content. If it doesn't I want to check the siblings of the parent node.

<!DOCTYPE html>
function changeSize()
var x=document.getElementById("compman");
if (x.parentNode && x.parentNode.textContent) {
alert("My input has a value!");



<a href="http://sample_url"   id="pd_cp_mov_0_B004JMY312" > 

<img src="http://samplepic.jpg" width="50" alt="" class="faceout" height="50" border="0" id="compman">
<span class="cpAsinTitle">Hocus Pocus</span> 
sample text
<p>test content</p>
<p class="s2"> sample content 2 </p>
<input type="button" onclick="changeSize()" value="Change size of image">


In the above content, i get hold of the img tag. Now I want to check if its sibling has any text content. In this case, it has the value Hocus Pocus. If it doesn't have a text value, I want to check the sibling of its parent. So the test content should be returned.

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Doesn't it work? Tell us what errors you get –  Bergi Nov 5 '12 at 18:27
x.nextSibling will likely not be the HocusPocus-span, but the line-break text node between the img and the span elements –  Bergi Nov 5 '12 at 18:28
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