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I have a problem in plotting uneven scale plot on x axis with R

Here is an example:


will give the equal tick space on x axis.

However, I want to show the graph with first half of space showing 1 to 10, and the left half space showing 10 to 100, so the points in the 10 to 100 more dense, and points in 1:10 are easier to see. How to do it with R?

Like this:

enter image description here

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This is not an easy one-off task to complete. You'll actually need to transform to the scaled data and supply custom tick marked axes. Any reason you haven't considered simply logging the x-axis instead? (supplying the option plot(x, y, log='x') will do that).

What I think you've described is this:

xnew <- ifelse(x<10, x, x/10)
plot(xnew, y, axes=FALSE, xlab='x')
axis(1, at=c(0, 10, 20), labels=c(0, 10, 100))
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I saw the similar the similar graph from a cell paper (Zuqin Nie, 2012). The figure 2B showed the uneven x axis. Actually I am not in favor in drawing picture in their way. I will try log. – chunxuan Nov 6 '12 at 15:24

For a logarithmic axis, use:

plot(x,y,log="x")  ## specifies which axis to put on log scale

For determining how many "tick marks" to use, check


Default is 5,5,7. To put more x axis labels, do


And for y:

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You could log the x axis:


enter image description here

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