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I have rspec test of a method that inserts or returns first record if record with given attributes doesn't exists. It looks like this

context 'user doesn't exists' do
  subject { User.find_or_create(name: "Jonh", login: "john") }

  it { should be_an_instance_of(User) }
  //and here I want to test that new user was inserted into database...


but I can't figure out how to use expect to change in this.

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why do you want to test that? usually you should only create it? –  Lichtamberg Nov 5 '12 at 20:59
I want to check if my code creates new record when it should. Why wouldn't I want to test that? –  Adrian Serafin Nov 5 '12 at 21:13

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The way I usually test for this is by looking for the count of those objects to change:

it "creates a new user object" do
  expect {
    User.find_or_create(name: "John", login: "john)
  }.to change{User.count}.by(1)

Admittedly, it doesn't fit that well with the subject pattern you've started with, but it's a necessary evil when you're testing that a certain method causes a change in the state of the system, rather than testing that objects have certain properties.

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