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what I'm looking for is very easy to explain: I have a form which must support both italian and english. Let's suppose I have a First Name input text field. The form label will be:

  • for EN: "First Name"
  • for IT: "Nome"

what I want is a validation error message like these

  • for EN: "the First Name field is required"
  • for IT: "il campo Nome è richiesto"

please note I'm quoting the field name inside the error message.

I have the messages_en.properties with the lines:

errors.empty.field = the {0} field is required
registration.form.firstname = First Name

and of course the messages_it.properties with the lines:

errors.empty.field = il campo {0} è richiesto
registration.form.firstname = Nome

Now, inside my custom validator class I have

ValidationUtils.rejectIfEmpty(errors, "firstname", "errors.empty.field", new Object[]{"registration.form.firstname"}, "the First Name is required");

which doesn't works properly. The output is the "registration.form.username" string as it is. I'd like to inject the field name with the proper locale at runtime. Is there a way to do so?

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sorry i wanted to delete my stupid question..but i miss the track of your question..could you delete your comment.. – user533 Nov 25 '12 at 16:58
actually i asked this question at time when i do not know what message Source is.. – user533 Nov 25 '12 at 18:13

This is one approach, there should be better one's out there though:

Inject the messageSource into the Controller or the validator:

@Autowired MessageSource messageSource

In your controllers @RequestMapping method, take in Locale as a parameter, Spring will populate it for you.

public String myMethod(..., Locale locale){
   ValidationUtils.rejectIfEmpty(errors, "firstname", "errors.empty.field", new Object[]{messageSource.getMessage("registration.form.firstname", new Object[]{}, locale)}, "the First Name is required");


You can get a handle on Locale in Validator using LocaleContextHolder

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there's thing I don't get. My CustomValidator class implements Validator form org.springframework.validation.Validator. CustomValidator must define a validate(Object target, Errors errors) which doesn't allow a Locale parameter. how can I pass the locale object to validator? – MaVVamaldo Nov 5 '12 at 20:12
I have added an update, you can use LocaleContextHolder.getLocale() static call. It does feel a little round about, would recommend waiting for more answers to come in, there has to be a simpler way to do this. – Biju Kunjummen Nov 5 '12 at 20:38
thank you very much for your tips and kindness. – MaVVamaldo Nov 5 '12 at 20:41

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