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The following code:

console.log(new function(){return this})

is giving the following output:

output in chrome console

Ref to the img, Please explain the output (why does such infinite repeating depth exists?).

note: I'm a newbie in javascript and was trying various code and found this behavior.

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In JavaScript function is object and has all properties which belong to objects. So all of them you see in your console line.

Short description:

name :'' - anonymous function in your case name of function is empty

caller:null function that call your function

arguments: null all arguments which were passed into function

You need take a look at Inheritance of JS


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but why is that infinite repetition inside the prototype Object? –  Deepak Nov 6 '12 at 4:06
  1. An Object's .constructor property will usually reference a Function,
  2. Functions are objects, which inherit from a prototype object.
  3. The prototype object from which functions inherit has a .constructor property.
  4. Go to step 1
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