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Is there a way to download only a given subdirectory from a git repository? Say I want to fetch only the nyancat directory from https://github.com/djdeath/toys.git .

I could either clone the whole repository and ignore the files I don't want, or go to https://github.com/djdeath/toys/tree/master/nyancat and download the relevant files one by one. I think there must be an easier way.

Note I'm not asking if it is possible to clone the directory, this was asked before and is apparently not possible. I'm just interested in quickly getting the files, and don't need to commit back, or use git on them again.

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The lack of this ability is the worst thing about git. –  Danyal Aytekin Sep 28 '13 at 10:16

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The git-archive command will do pretty much what you want, but it needs to operate on an already cloned repo, so if you've got SSH access to the host, you can do:

cd /path/to/destination
ssh user@host "cd /path/to/repo && git archive HEAD dir/you/want" | tar xf -

Or, with compression for the network transport:

cd /path/to/destination
ssh user@host "cd /path/to/repo && git archive HEAD dir/you/want | gzip" | tar xzf -
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Hey I just wrote a script


      python get_git_sub_dir.py path/to/sub/dir <RECURSIVE>
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