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There is an alpha for Ember Js and also Persistence. Is there something similar for AngularJs (or it is in plan)? Maybe there is something that is framework independent?

What I need is actual library which enables these:

  1. To define my object model
  2. To define relations between models (hasMeny, foreignKey)
  3. To enable REST calls and caching of models on client


I found these (credits go to Miroslav)

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At the and I finished with BREEZEJS It offered best documentation and sample and it is very straightforward.

UPDATE: Recently new library created called ngActiveResource. It is simple and straightforward.

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Found any libraries that allow you to create an adapter for custom data? Or maybe a way to do so using ngActiveResource? –  Jon Koops May 26 at 8:13
ngActiveResource uses a lot of conventions (unless you decide to use parts of it and customize) and is great for RESTFull and has other limitations (you cannot use envelope in your code etc). It really requires real REST. –  Andrej Kaurin May 26 at 10:24
Found another possible candidate called Angular Data –  Jon Koops May 26 at 14:47

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