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I have a table with multiple section headers. What I am trying to do is every time I click on one of the section headers, section and section rows get updated using following code

[self.tableView reloadSections:[NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:sectionIndex] withRowAnimation:UITableViewRowAnimationNone];

Now, the problem is sections are reloaded and they come up but the tableView does not scroll up on that. Say my header section that I want to expand is at the bottom of the visible screen, every time I click on section header, it expands below that and is not visible to the user until and unless user scrolls the screen himself. I want the view to scroll up so that user could see the expanded view on the screen.

Any ideas how can i do that or any sample code would be appreciated.

Thanks Vik

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Use the scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition:animated: table view method to scroll the table as needed.

[self.tableView scrollToRowAtIndexPath:someIndexPath atScrollPosition: UITableViewScrollPositionTop  animated:YES];

Provide the appropriate indexPath. There are other options for the scroll position if 'top' isn't quite what you want.

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Thanks a lot. Simple and effective. Works like a charm –  Vik Singh Nov 5 '12 at 20:49

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