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I have an rpm file like perl-Tidy-20071205-1.rf.noarch.rpm. What does the .rf part mean?

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It means RPMForge.

RPMforge now consists of more than one repository:

  + rpmforge - packages that _do not_ replace base packages
               (eg. nagios, wine, vlc, xine, mpg123, ...)
  + rpmforge-extras - newer packages that _do_ replace base packages
                      (eg. lftp, rsync, subversion, ...)
  + rpmforge-testing - alternative test packages
                       (eg. wine-1.3.x, ...)
  + rpmforge-buildtools - packages required for building RPMforge pkgs
                          (eg. bison, make, rpm-macros-rpmforge, ...)

For convenience, packages belonging to one of the above repositories
are tagged respectively with rf, rfx, rft and rfb distribution tags.


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