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How to assign the tag ref to text?

$xml =<<<EOT
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<section name="Section2">
  <category id="category1_of_section2" name="msn">
   <arti name="article2">value1</arti>
   <arti name="article3">value2 <sref ref="article6" />value6 <sref ref="article7" />value7</arti>
   <arti name="article4">value3 <sref ref="article8" />value8</arti>
  <category id="Category2_of_section2" name="webcare">
    <arti name="param3">value4</arti>

$dom = new DomDocument;
$dom->preserveWhiteSpace = FALSE;

$params = $dom->getElementsByTagName('section'); // Find Sections 
foreach ($params as $param)
         echo "Section Attribute :-> ".$params->item($k)->getAttribute('name')."<br>";
         $params2 = $params->item($k)->getElementsByTagName('category');
        foreach ($params2 as $p) 
            echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;- Category Attribute Name :-> ".$params2->item($i)->getAttribute('name')."<br>";
            $params3 = $params2->item($i)->getElementsByTagName('arti');

                    foreach ($params3 as $p2)

                    echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Article Attribute Name : ".$params3->item($j)->getAttribute('name')."";
                    echo "&nbsp;&nbsp; Value : ".$params3->item($j)->nodeValue."<br>";

                    $elems3 = $params3->item($j)->getElementsByTagName('sref');

    Section Attribute :-> Section2
      - Category Attribute Name :-> msn
       - Article Attribute Name : article2   Value : value1
       - Article Attribute Name : article3   Value : value2 value6 value7
       - Article Attribute Name : article4   Value : value3 value8
      - Category Attribute Name :-> webcare
       - Article Attribute Name : param3   Value : value

How do I display the ref?


  • Article Attribute Name : article3 Value : value2 ref="article6": value6 ref="article7": value7

  • Article Attribute Name : article4 Value : value3 ref="article8": value8

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can you reduce the code to the relevant portion and also try to explain better what you mean by "how do i display the ref" in context to the title "Assign an empty tag to text xml php" – Gordon Nov 5 '12 at 21:24

Well, you need the getAttribute function to do so.

You have already used it:

echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Article Attribute Name : ".$params3->item($j)->getAttribute('name')."";

Just do the same for the <sref>-element:

$elems3 = $params3->item($j)->getElementsByTagName('sref');
$elems3Attribute = $elems3->getAttribute('ref');
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