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I am using PowerBuilder 12.5 to develop a .net Web Forms I managed to get work on IE, but it did not work on Chrome, FireFox or Opera

the problem is with Drop Down Data Window * In Chrome it does not show the list when click on the arrow * In FireFox ItemChanged Event does not fire!

Is there any way or tool that allows PowerBuilder .net Web Forms work on Chrome, FireFox, Opera ?

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Adding a link to similar related question which the conclusion was that IE is the only supported browser which Sybase does state and it looks that they really meant it.… – DisplacedGuy aka Rich Bianco Sep 28 '13 at 19:51
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As it is stated by Sybase in the Web forms FAQ, they did not focused much on cross-browser compatibility:

We are evaluating Firefox and Safari for multi-browser support. Menus was implemented with third-party menu webcontrol that renders menu items as hyperlinks.

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IOW (from the FAQ above): "it only works on Internet Explorer". No work arounds I've heard of. AFAIK and IMHO, the best PB cross-browser solution is still HTML DataWindows, which isn't a full solution, but still let's you leverage the strongest part of your PB app pretty well. – Terry Nov 6 '12 at 14:38

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