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I could set this up myself, but the functionality is sooo simple that it seems like someone else probably already did it better and faster than I could with my Rails app.

I need the current time as a string. I'd like it to return within less than a second, wherever my visitor happens to be in the world. (I'm making a countdown timer, and it needs to be more accurate than a user's possibly-off computer time.) It can be GMT time. Doesn't matter, as long as it says the time zone (like "2012-11-05 16:16:50 EST").

(I could build this myself, of course. It's a simple API. But my servers are on the east coast of the US, and I'm working within a whole Rails stack. Filtering someone through a whole big software stack like Rails just to return a string seems inelegant, and I'm worried about the latency for visitors far away from the US east coast.)

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Just discovered e.g.: – mvdanj Sep 12 at 21:35
@mvdanj thanks, this is an easy and fast service. Needed this as well. – Guus Oct 23 at 16:27

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TimezoneDb provides a free API:

GenoNames also has a RESTful API available to get the current time for a given location:

You can use Greenwich, UK if you'd like GMT.

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Both of these suck, unfortunately. GeoNames doesn't return seconds, which I need. And I've only been able to get a successful response from TimezoneDb once, mostly it just gives me a 403 Forbidden (even though I'm definitely using the proper format and the key they gave me). I wish these worked! – chadoh Nov 6 '12 at 14:49
Are you using Javascript on the frontend? This is doable through Javascript without the use of additionally APIs or frameworks. I would personally go that route rather than relying on a 3rd-party API. – Aamir Mansoor Nov 6 '12 at 15:08
I am using JavaScript. And it works, except that the user's computer time can be inaccurate by several minutes. That's why I'd prefer to get the time via a low-latency API call which is guaranteed to be accurate within the deviation of the mentioned latency. – chadoh Nov 6 '12 at 15:25

This API gives you the current time and several formats in JSON - . Here's a sample response:

  "time": {
    "daysInMonth": 31,
    "millisecond": 283,
    "second": 42,
    "minute": 55,
    "hour": 1,
    "date": 6,
    "day": 3,
    "week": 10,
    "month": 2,
    "year": 2013,
    "zone": "+0000"
  "formatted": {
    "weekday": "Wednesday",
    "month": "March",
    "ago": "a few seconds",
    "calendar": "Today at 1:55 AM",
    "generic": "2013-03-06T01:55:42+00:00",
    "time": "1:55 AM",
    "short": "03/06/2013",
    "slim": "3/6/2013",
    "hand": "Mar 6 2013",
    "handTime": "Mar 6 2013 1:55 AM",
    "longhand": "March 6 2013",
    "longhandTime": "March 6 2013 1:55 AM",
    "full": "Wednesday, March 6 2013 1:55 AM",
    "fullSlim": "Wed, Mar 6 2013 1:55 AM"
  "array": [
  "offset": 1362534942283,
  "unix": 1362534942,
  "utc": "2013-03-06T01:55:42.283Z",
  "valid": true,
  "integer": false,
  "zone": 0
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Nice! I was looking for something a bit more simple (I really just wanted a simple string), but this is good to know. – chadoh Mar 8 '13 at 20:46
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If you're using Rails, you can just make an empty file in the public folder and use ajax to get that. Then parse the headers for the Date header. Files in the Public folder bypass the Rails stack, and so have lower latency.

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