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Goal: My goal is to set all running processes's affinity to 1 core. Then launch a program with the affinity of all the cores.

Skill Lvl: My skill level in programming in general is pretty much beginner. This is my first language.

Need: I would like some help with this coding and maybe an article or description of the code. Thank you

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There is a C# solution here.

In summary, you need to loop through all processes (Process.GetProcesses) and set their .ProcessorAffinity to New IntPtr(1), then start your new process. (The default is already to use all cores, but for completeness, if you want the new process to have a different affinity, set it after it's been started the same way as above.)

All the code:

Dim procs = Process.GetProcesses
For Each p In procs
 p.ProcessorAffinity = New IntPtr(1)
Dim myProc = Process.Start("notepad.exe")
' Stop here to answer the OP.
' This sets the new Notepad process to be the only process running on the second CPU:
myProc.ProcessorAffinity = New IntPtr(2)
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