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I'm using the Wordpress Settings API and have managed to get it to work using PHP. I'd like to make it work over AJAX but I can't get PHP to update based on what I'm passing to to:

HTML Form:

<input name="wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_db]" id="wp-backitup-settings-db" type="checkbox" value="1" <?php checked('1', $options['wp_backitup_settings_db']); ?> /> 

<input name="wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_plugins]" id="wp-backitup-settings-plugins" type="checkbox" value="1" <?php checked('1', $options['wp_backitup_settings_plugins']); ?> />

<input name="wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_themes]" id="wp-backitup-settings-themes" type="checkbox" value="1" <?php checked('1', $options['wp_backitup_settings_themes']); ?> /

<input name="wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_uploads]" id="wp-backitup-settings-uploads" type="checkbox" value="1" <?php checked('1', $options['wp_backitup_settings_uploads']); ?> />

Based on another thread I found on Stack Overflow, I was told that its simply a case of posting to options.php and letting Wordpress handle the rest. I'd like the form to be posted whenever a user checks/unchecks a checkbox. Here is my JS:

$("#wp-backitup-options input").change( function() {
    $.post( 'options.php', { 
        'wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_db]' : $('#wp-backitup-settings-db').val(),
        'wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_plugins]' : $('#wp-backitup-settings-plugins').val(),
        'wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_themes]' : $('#wp-backitup-settings-themes').val(),
        'wpbackitup[wp_backitup_settings_uploads]' : $('#wp-backitup-settings-uploads').val(),
    } ).error( function() {
    }).success( function() {
    return false;    

Two issues. Firstly, the .change() function only notices the first change of the checkbox. Secondly, 'Error' is displayed and the settings are not updated. As I said, this works with PHP just not using my current JS/AJAX setup.

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Why is the 'Updated' message in your error callback and the 'Error' message in your success callback? –  Korikulum Nov 5 '12 at 22:22
Thanks for pointing that out. Well, switching the messages around I get a success message but the DB is not updated. I'm sure it has something to do with my array syntax. –  jcpeden Nov 6 '12 at 8:42
Your JavaScript seems to be in order, but I have noticed that you haven't closed the third input tag. –  Korikulum Nov 6 '12 at 14:29
I modified it to remove the non-important code from around it. It is closed in real-life :) –  jcpeden Nov 6 '12 at 22:20

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