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Disclaimer: I'm a DRF/class-based-views newb.

I have a situation where the client to my API can't know the ID of a resource, but it does know a unique identifier of that resource (its name).

This is a problem when the client sends a separate resource that has a Foreign Key to the first via POST. For example... the client sends the following data (Signal being the FK):

{"signal_name": "signal1", "value": 5}

But the Model expects:

{"signal": 1, "value": 5}

When self.CONTENT gets to my custom post method, it's already been validated and is empty.

So, where/how can I swap that data out prior to the data getting validated/rejected?
Do I need a custom validation method?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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You could write a Middleware class that intercepts avery request/response and modifies that specific value, or erases it. –  PepperoniPizza Nov 6 '12 at 0:30
I know this isn't much help for the question at hand, but I'd strongly recommend you look into updating to version 2. –  Tom Christie Nov 6 '12 at 9:49

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I tried messing with the fields and extra-fields attributes on the resource, but couldn't get it to not validate it as wrong. So I ended up just adding the field in the 'signal_name' field into the model and matching it up to the signal's id in the post method. (Thankfully, in this case we had a non-enforced FK to Signal, so I could do wait to give a value to signal)

I'll check back for a few days to see if anyone actually knows how to do this better. Also, thanks for the suggestions Pizza and Tom!

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