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we are running an Enterprise instance and see some strange behaviour on add to cart where a transaction trace shows inventory & status being checked multiple times - even for a small'ish basket (e.g. 20 items). We run new-relic and can see hundreds of calls in the trace and while they respond quickly they add up given they are called so many times. Attached shows a sample trace for a simple cart add. We are running nginx, varnish, apc as core config. Any ideas/help greatly appreciated. Anyone seen similar before?

load time: 14,871

98.82% Mage_Core_Controller_Varien_Action::dispatch


156 fast method calls 2.050s 1.0 0.01% catalogrule_product_price - SELECT 2.050s 1.0 catalog_product_entity_group_price - SELECT 2.054 s 0.0 catalog_product_flat_1 - SELECT 2.059 s cataloginventory_stock_status - SELECT 2.061 s catalog_product_flat_1 - SELECT 2.073 s cataloginventory_stock_status - SELECT 2.082 s catalog_product_flat_1 - SELECT 2.087 s cataloginventory_stock_status - SELECT 2.097 s cataloginventory_stock_status - SELECT 2.104 s and so on for hundreds of calls..

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this is a direct consequence of the Magento EAV database structure. there will be a lot of calls, especially if configurable products are added to the cart. You can negate this with some clever caching strategies – Andrew Feb 8 '13 at 11:32

try clever caching in magento. For example you can use memcache to minimise Database calls.

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