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To reload the content of the yesodweb.com website, a reload route has been added. Anybody can initiate a reload by using wget with POST. This does not seem really secure.

Would it be possible to initiate a reload with a git hook instead? Pushing new content to the server would trigger a reload of the blog content etc.

I was thinking of installing a SIGUSR1 handler instead of listening to a specific route. Would this be doable, or would there be a risk of some sort of race condition? If this is doable, where should I add my handler?

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I personally would stick with the POST, and just add some security to it by requiring a specific token or listening only for specific IP addresses. The reason I haven't bothered is because there's not too much of an attack vector in this reload route: all it can trigger is a git pull from a hard-coded repo that the user can't affect.

If you want to go the signal route, have a look at the unix package's System.Posix.Signals module. I'd add the code to makeApplication most likely.

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