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I'm getting really excited about TypeScript. How do you set the type of a function parameter?

function twoMoreThanYou(calculateANumber: Function):number {
    return calculateANumber(4) + 2;

function double(n:number):number {
    return n*2;

console.log("TWO MORE", twoMoreThanYou(double))

How can I type calculateANumber better? I'd like to specify that it must be a function that takes a number and returns a number.

Can I then make an "interface" or some shorthand for that type so I can make my higher order function signatures more readable?

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These both work

interface NumberFunction extends Function {

function twoMoreThanYou(calculateANumber: (n:number)=>number):number {

function twoMoreThanYou(calculateANumber: NumberFunction):number {
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You don't have to specify the return type for the twoMoreThanYou function with the NumberFunction interface. Type inference! –  asawyer Nov 6 '12 at 0:59
OMG I love typescript already. –  Sean Clark Hess Nov 6 '12 at 5:55

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